In 2008, a study on Colubus guereza monkeys has been conducted in the forest areas around the town of Bomga, the admnistrative center of the Kafa region. The studied forest fragments, i.e. Boginda, Kama, Kayakela, and another one situated very closely to Bonga, are located at 7°16`19.16” N – 7° 32`09.28” N and 36° 14`32.59” E – 36° 07`16. 48” E.

The establishment of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve holds the unique opportunity for the region to combine sustainable development and forest protection with in situ conservation of flora and fauna species. Setting Colobus guereza as a flagship species for an aspired UNESCO Biosphere Reserve would support the conservation of Ethiopia’s afromontane rainforest ecosystem and all the species contained therein.  

Scientific data on that monkey species did not exist. The study was conducted to achieve the following specific objectives:

• To determine the status of Colobus guereza and potential threats to the species
• To estimate the number of individuals in Boginda‐Yeba
• To assess the status of abundance and distribution of this species in different types of forest (primary forest, slightly disturbed forest, heavily disturbed forest)
• To develop ideas how to conserve and manage the Colobus guereza population

Read the brief intruduction with first results.