Promotion Trip to the Kafa Biosphere Reserve

November 2015 - From 27th until 30th November 2015, representatives from travel agencies as well as from the Ethiopian Tourism Organisation (ETO) visited the Kafa Biosphere Reserve in order to discover the tourism potential of this beautiful region.

The Promotion Trip informed tour operators about travel opportunities in the Kafa Biosphere Reserve and allowed for an exchange of ideas on how to improve the tourism infrastructure in order to meet the requirements of tour operators, who are interested in including Kafa in their travel portfolios. The ETO in particular had the opportunity to identify tourism development issues in and around Bonga, the capital of the Kafa Biosphere Reserve.

The guests participated in exciting day-trips, during which they visited the Alemgono Wetland, a great spot for bird-watching, and walked through the Gela and Ufa Forest, where they could learn about the wild Arabica coffee from local community members. The group also explored the healthful Dadiban Hot Springs, the majestic Barta Waterfall as well as the Open Air Museum, which is located on a hill from where one can enjoy a memorable view over Bonga and the extensive cloud forests of the Kafa Biosphere Reserve.