The Kafa Biosphere Reserve is a beautiful area with much to offer. Impressive natural scenery characterizes the region with its spectacular wildlife and intact evergreen forest, which is the only place in the world where wild coffee (Coffea arabica) grows in abundance. Plentiful water resources form stunning waterfalls, hot springs, and rapids. Outdoor activities include, for example, extensive hiking and trekking opportunities and with almost 300 bird species, Kafa certainly is a bird watching paradise. However, a visit to Kafa is not only recommended because of the natural beauty of the region, but also because of the hospitality and kindness of the people that live there. The people’s cultural traditions and livelihoods largely revolve around the coffee plant, which is very interesting to experience for coffee lovers and non-lovers alike.

The natural beauty, people’s warmth and the ancient traditions ensure an unforgettable stay in the Kafa Biosphere Reserve. Go ahead … Explore Kafa!

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