Thank you for your interest in this very special region!

There are many ways how you can support the Kafa Biosphere Reserve and the local people living there. Please contact us, if you require more information on any of the options listed below.



Are you wondering where to spend your next holidays? Are you keen to discover unspoilt nature and authentic cultures? Then the Kafa Biosphere Reserve is waiting to be explored. Your visit to Kafa generates income opportunities for tour guides, drivers, local shop owners, restaurants and accommodations, producers of arts and crafts, as well as honey and coffee producers. Furthermore, ecotourism in Kafa improves environmental awareness among the locals and allows for interesting cultural exchange.



Of course, the projects in the Biosphere Reserve cost a lot of money and funding is typically short in supply. The more money is available, the more of the activities can be implemented to conserve the lush forests and empower the local people of Kafa. Therefore, we are happy for any donation. Please contact us so we can provide you with further information (in German).



Arabica coffee is the most important and unique product of the Kafa Biosphere Reserve. Since 2006, the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) and Original Food have been supporting the local Coffee Farmers Union in producing high-quality coffee and establishing a better market access in order to ensure fair prices, ecological farming practices and improved income security for farmers. Through buying their coffee you are truly helping the Kafa coffee farmers while at the same time enjoying the flavours of this very special product.



You also help the Kafa Biosphere Reserve by simply spreading the word about it. Maybe one of your family members or friends would be interested in travelling to this area, is looking for a volunteering opportunity, or is a coffee-lover and would appreciate the unique Kafa coffee as a present?

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