A Study on Tourism Opportunies Accentuates Tourist Options

The proposed Kafa Biosphere Reserve offers a broad variety of fascinating sites and opportunities for tourists.  There is so much to discover in Kafa.  Exciting wildlife includes the black and white Colobus monkeys jumping in the trees, roaming lions, impressive hippos in the rivers, and various other endemic species.  Additionally, wild animals that have restricted range in the country like De Braza monkey, Blue monkey, Forest Hog, Bush Pig and threatened species like Leopard can be seen.  One can learn about the history of Arabica coffee, its taste, and how it grows in the wild forests of Kafa.  Hiking opportunities to hot springs and old historical sites of Kafa kingdom or visiting the impressive rainforests are just some of the things to discover in Kafa.

A landscape planner from Berlin TU University in Germany is studying the potential for tourism in Kafa.  This Master’s thesis will provide the Biosphere Reserve with a detailed map showing touristic sites and further recommendations for management of tourism.

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