Biosphere reserves consist of three interconnected zones which represent the main functions and aims of a biosphere reserve.  The zoning in Kafa Coffee Biosphere Reserve was determined collaboratively by hundreds of people in a participatory planning process.


The core zone is a securely protected site for conserving biological diversity with minimal human activities aimed at protecting the landscape, ecosystems and the species.  This area is reserved for research and monitoring.  


The buffer zone surrounds the core and acts as an intermediary zone between the protected and development areas.  This zone permits a greater variety of human activities such as environmental education and training, tourism, and recreation.


The transition zone consists of the remaining sections of the Biosphere Reserve and serves as a transition with the surrounding region. It promotes development aspects with activities such as applied research, traditional use, human settlements, agriculture, and fisheries.

The zoning scheme of the Kafa Biosphere Reserve:

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